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Location: Oxford, OX1
I am A-level teacher in Chemistry and Biology at Bellerbys College in Oxford with 8 years of teaching experience. I also taught  undergraduate chemistry at the  University of Copenhagen.   I charge the same price regardless of the number of students....read more

Location: Oxford, OX3
I am an artist. I have also been trained in theatre. Teaching is my passion. ...read more

Location: Oxford, OX4
I am able to provide tuition for biology, chemistry and psychology up to A-level, with a special focus on exam technique....read more

Location: OXFORD, OX4
I have been teaching within the Further Education College remit in the last 7 years also teaching in the community in the last 13years. I  have a business degree and have aquired 14 years enterpreneurial experience.   I specialise in teaching personal development courses and business.   I am a serial enterpreneur, am passionate about  business start ups.  ...read more

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37
I am a 45-year-old Cambridge graduate, with BA Hons in English literature.  Having tutored extensively in London between 2000 and 2002, I now wish to start tutoring again in the Warwickshire area, particularly around Straford-upon-Avon....read more

Location: Oxford, OX4
I am a social scientist with teachin experience of secondary school pupils as a Humanities teacher who has worked as General subject teacher.  I have taught adults on Access course and those doing A levels. I am a confident person with a smile. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others.My work history is confined to working with people. i am a people person.  My work as nurse , teacher and Relationship counsellour  shows I am highly adaptable and curious. I am professional in my dealings with  pupils, highly self -motivated, a good listener, empathetic and sensitive. I have and can work with people from all walks of life. I have excellent communication. organisational and coordinational skills.My counselling work has made me non-judgemental, aware of difference/uniqueness and this has led to me embracing and celebrating difference. I am aware people have different learning styles and am able to adapt my style to accomodate and work with studens' learning styles. This allows me to be person centered in a meaningful way way that benefits learners...read more

Location: Oxford, OX1
I was educated in Derbyshire. I continued my academic education at the universities of Nottingham, Durham and Oxford consecutively. I love politics and love to enthuse others about it. Even though passing the exam is the most important objective of tuition, trying to gauge wider interest in the subject and producing students who think critically for themselves is equally as important.I'm also a keen reader of both fiction and non-fiction. I also enjoy playing, albeit not especially competently, tennis, squash, badminton and I run regularly....read more

Maria Carmen
Location: Swindon, SN25
I speak Spanish and Fench....read more

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