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My Subjects

English, A-Level, £15 p/h
History, University, £20 p/h
Drama, A-Level, £15 p/h
General Studies, A-Level, £15 p/h
Politics, A-Level, £15 p/h

Billericay tutor, Charlotte

A-Level English tutor, University History tutor, A-Level Drama tutor, A-Level General Studies tutor, A-Level Politics tutor,

About Me

I have just graduated from the University of Leicester with a BA degree in History achieving a 2.1 with a first for my dissertation. I am committed to a career in education and I believe through tutoring I will be able to help students to achieve their full potential, inspire them and provide support for any stage of their education. As I have just left education I have an understanding of what it is like to be in school and the pressures students face with exams, coursework, revision, homework and school life.

I am organised, committed (taking no days off for ill-health or any other reasons whilst at University), approachable, kind, confident (with the ability to speak one-to-one, to groups and in front of crowds), adaptable, flexible and have a sense of humour.

I am passionate about History and have a great interest in Literature, Theatre/drama and Politics which are the four main subjects I tutor.

My Experience

I observed classes of all ages (11-18 including GCSE and A-level) and of all ability levels. In the GCSE and A-level classes, as I was working there a few weeks before the examination period, I was able to observe how teachers prepared their students for their exams through completing past-papers to revision tips and quizzes. I was able to offer support and encouragement to many of the students, passing on advice from my own experiences. I also shadowed a 6th form tutor who was helping his students prepare for their A-level exams and giving them advice about UCAS and other options beyond school. I was asked to talk to the students about my own experiences with regards to examinations and University. Talking to the group of students inspired me to pursue a career in education and one where I get to help students think about their futures, reassure them, give them advice and hopefully inspire them. The lessons I observed covered most of the National Curriculum from the development of Parliament (Year 7) to the English Civil War in (Year 13). I was able to look at and study the National Curriculum and understand its expectations and objectives for a variety of subjects. Through observing teachers and classes I was able to see how lessons worked and how students of different abilities and interests interacted in the classroom which will aid with my work as a tutor in order to ensure what I do coincides with their education in school.

I have spent several weeks each summer (commencing 2008) supervising children's activities and workshops on Tudor Days at Cressing Temple in Essex.  'In character' as a Tudor lady I taught the children various games and gave talks. I needed to be imaginative and versatile to engage with children who did not want to be there or who responded better to different teaching methods which is something I will encounter as a tutor. Acting as a Tudor lady and talking to the public requires personal presence, warmth and confidence in order to be able to engage with them and give them a memorable experience.  Being responsible for supporting a child's learning involves energy, commitment, enthusiasm, a high level of maturity and the willingness to go the extra mile. When difficult situations occurred I reacted with a creative and positive attitude whilst keeping in mind the sensitivity of any situation. I was able to build a rapport with many of the children who visited the site. At Cressing I gained experience of working closely with people of all ages and backgrounds demonstrating my ability to be flexible and adaptable.

I spent three years studying for a degree in History (a subject I am very passionate about) where I developed skills in essay writing, research and analysis covering a variety of topics including World War One, World War Two, the Cold War, the Russian Revolution, the history of medicine, votes for women, the Tudors, the long eighteenth century, medieval history and the history of sport. 

At A-level I studied History (French Revolution, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Votes for Women, the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War) as well as English Literature (including Shakespeare, Chaucer, Wilfred Owen, Jane Austen and George Orwell), Theatre Studies  and Government and Politics. I am willing to tutor any of these subjects including A-level. 


BA degree in History 2.1

A-levels in History (B) English Literature (A) Theatre Studies (B) General Studies (A)

AS-level in Government and Politics (B)

GCSEs in Maths (B) English Language (A) English Literature (A) History (A*) Drama (B) French (B) ICT (Merit) Science (BB) RE (A) PE (B

General Availability

Evenings and weekends