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My Subjects

Art, GCSE, £17 p/h
Art, A-Level, £20 p/h
Music, GCSE, £17 p/h
Spanish, GCSE, £17 p/h
Italian, GCSE, £17 p/h
French, GCSE, £17 p/h
French, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Spanish, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Italian, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Art, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Music, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h

Brighton tutor, Jose

GCSE Art tutor, A-Level Art tutor, GCSE Music tutor, GCSE Spanish tutor, GCSE Italian tutor, GCSE French tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) French tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Spanish tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Italian tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Art tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Music tutor,

About Me

I am 22 year old currently based in Brighton where I completed my BA in Performance and Visual Arts this year. I am working in a variety of fields, particularly with the arts and languages. I am involved in three art & music collectives, which are beginning to regularly show work. I have also recently become engaged with the Synergy Centre, a community arts centre where I have performed with some groups I play with two weeks in a row, and we have a big show on in a month. I have always been interested in languages, I was bilingual in English and Spanish from a young age and I learned French and Italian while at school. Now I am learning German as at some point I plan to move there to continue my studies. I feel the arts and languages are differing forms of communication and this is what I am beginning to specialise in, as these subjects have helped form me as a person I too want to share this knowledge with others in the form of tutoring and teaching. I have applied to run an after school Spanish club for children and I am waiting to hear back from them. I also am entering a variety of arts competitions and getting involved in commissions. 

My Experience

Though I am new to tutoring I have done the same set of exams which the students are studying for, was taught thorough exam technique and have learned myself from other tutors so I will be able to learn quickly. Preplanning lessons specific to the students needs will be the main focus to bring out their abilities and help them gain the knowledge of the chosen subject. I also aim to teach the love of learning, which will go far beyond the exams they take and carry them further into life as they leave education. My experience in the performing arts helps me engage with people so this will also aid in teaching.




University of Brighton, 3 Year Performance and Visual Art: Music Degree

68 Grand Parade, Hove, Brighton


Received a 2.1. I gained a lot of experience in a variety of fields including music, performance, dance, filmmaking and in a wider sense the act of creating and engaging with others to collaborate.


City & Guilds of London Art School, 1 Year Art Foundation Course

124 Kennington Park Rd, London


Successfully passed in order to attain the three year degree offer. A year of creative experimentation where I tried many different mediums which eventually I have narrowed down.


St Paul’s School

Lonsdale Road, Barnes


A Levels

Art – A*, Spanish, Italian – A, Theatre Studies – B. 

AS Levels

French – A. 

GCSE Results

A*s - English, French, Italian, Spanish, Art, Geography; 

A’s - Maths, Double Science, History; 


B - English Literature


General Availability

Monday - Saturday, Flexible hours. Can do Sundays depending on the distance. I am happy to travel to the students homes.