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My Subjects

Chemistry, A-Level, £15 p/h
Biology, A-Level, £15 p/h
Maths, A-Level, £15 p/h

Brighton tutor, Aparajit

A-Level Chemistry tutor, A-Level Biology tutor, A-Level Maths tutor,

About Me

I completed my O and A levels from Singapore and pursued a bachelors of science in Biotechnology in India at Manipal University. I graduated with a 1st class (64%) and then came over to the University of Sussex to further my studies. I am about to complete my MSC in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology and hoping to pursue a PhD in epigenetics. My current project involves the optimization of a biochemical technique called immunoprecipitation to make the identification of histone modifications and protein- protein interactions easier. I am expecting a merit or higher from my masters and rank myself in the top 20% of my class. 

I love teaching and would like to pursue a carrer in teaching at the college level one day. I believe that I would make an amazing tutor due to my ability to break down complex ideas into simple and layman terms. I have a certain quality in being able to project ideas to others in a very coherent and simplistic manner. In essence i know i can make learning science fun!

My Experience

I have only had 1 student before this and I taught him O level bio, chem and maths when I had just completed my A levels. He had improved his class results dramatically. Though i could not see him to his completion of O levels since i had to move, I know he passed all his O levels exams.

I have carried out 2 project so far (endophytic fungi and epigenetics). Both of which i have had to present to a panal of experts so i know that can bring out ideas in a very exciting yet simple manner. 

I have done multiple seminar presentations through out my uni days and most of which have been received well by the audience.


MSc- Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology (University of Sussex)

BSc- Biotechnology (Manipal University, India)

General Availability

I am available all evenings on weekdays after 6 and all day on the weekends.