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My Subjects

Accounting, University, £25 p/h
Chemistry, GCSE, £25 p/h
Chemistry, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Chemistry, A-Level, £25 p/h
Chemistry, University, £25 p/h
Maths, A-Level, £25 p/h
Maths, GCSE, £25 p/h
Maths, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Physics, GCSE, £25 p/h
Physics, A-Level, £25 p/h
Biology, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Biology, GCSE, £25 p/h
Accounting, A-Level, £25 p/h
Accounting, GCSE, £25 p/h
General Science, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
General Science, GCSE, £25 p/h
General Science, A-Level, £25 p/h

Camberwell tutor, Mark

University Accounting tutor, GCSE Chemistry tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Chemistry tutor, A-Level Chemistry tutor, University Chemistry tutor, A-Level Maths tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Maths tutor, GCSE Physics tutor, A-Level Physics tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, A-Level Accounting tutor, GCSE Accounting tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) General Science tutor, GCSE General Science tutor, A-Level General Science tutor,

About Me

My name is Mark Cortacans and I was educated at St Anselm’s in Tooting where I was considered a Child Maths Prodigy. I then went to St Joseph’s College in Beulah Hill where I received school awards for best Science and best A Level results.


I followed this up with an upper second class honours degree in Chemistry from Imperial College where I also became an associate of the Royal College of Science. I then carried out extensive research and published works on the structure of haemoglobin and the uses of certain platinum and palladium catalysts and spent some time doing industrial chemical research for BP.


I have tutored in many private colleges and schools and have an extensive one to one tutoring experience in Maths and Science from Key Stages 1 to 4 right up to A Level and in some cases to undergraduate level. I have also tutored pupils for 11+ and 13+ common entrance exams for the following schools; Whitgift, Trinity, Wilson Wallington, Eaton and Westminster.


Recently I have been working with an English teacher who is also an examiner and now also teach English up to GCSE covering all the main core texts. Although I have tutored many gifted pupils who have gone on to do great things I also work with pupils with special needs which,  includes children with ADHD, OCD, Aspergers Syndrome and high to low functioning autism so I am also patient and understanding with those that find the subject difficult.


My Experience

Maths teacher at New Hope Academy 2011 - 2012

Mander Portmann & Woodward         Oct 1984 – Mar 1985

Ashbourne Tutors    Oct 1984 – Mar 1985

East Putney Tutor Group July 2012 to date


TEACHING 1984 to Date

I currently work as a tutor through Tutor Pages and Personal Tutors and have done considerable work in both GCSE Science and A Level Maths and Chemistry. The main areas of experience are details below:


·         Science KS2, KS3, KS4, GCSE & IGCSE

·         Maths KS2, KS3, KS4, GCSE & IGCSE

·         A Level Maths C1, C2, C3, & C4, M1, M2, S1&S2

·         Chemistry & Physics A2 & AS Levels   

·         International Baccalaureate (IB) in Chemistry

·         Common entrance 11+ and 13+ exams for Whitgift, Wallington, Sutton, Wilsons and Westminster schools.

·         English up to KS4





St Josephs’ College – Beulah Hill June 1979 10 “O” Levels Grades

Maths                          A          Chemistry       A          Biology    A

Physics                       A          R.E     A          Geography    A

Additional Maths         B          English Language   B

English Literature        B          French             C 


June 1981 4 “A” LEVELS   GRADES

Maths                          A          Chemistry     A

Physics                       B          Biology     C 

2 “S” LEVELS   GRADES Physics    Distinction Chemistry     Distinction  


IMPERIAL COLLEGE June 1981 - 1984

Chemistry Bsc Honours 2.1 & and an Associate of the Royal College of Science  



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