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My Subjects

Business Studies, A-Level, £25 p/h
General Studies, A-Level, £20 p/h
Maths, GCSE, £20 p/h
Physics, A-Level, £25 p/h

Coventry tutor, Chris

A-Level Business Studies tutor, A-Level General Studies tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, A-Level Physics tutor,

About Me

Hi, Im a private tutor that offers the ultimate experience that will leave you happy in the subject that you require help with. Not only do you study, I wil study the subject with you, giving you complete advice, confidence andf support wherever you need it, so you dont feel alone. I have prepared numerous amount of revision notes along with revision guides that really help along with key resources such as news articles and past exam papers. I am an experienced tutor who is more than willing to help

My Experience

I have a two week teaching experience in a school, where i helped young students and offer help and support. furhtermore, i have two younger siblings that I help consistantly with, one at GCSE and A level and the other in the later years of KS3. 


GCSE Qualifications:

A* - I.T.

A - Maths

A - English Language and Literature 

A - Physics

A - R.E.

B - Biology

B - German

C - Chemistry 


A levels; 

Business Studies - B (AS level only) 

General Availability

I am available most days of the week, unfortunatly monday evening and saturday afternoon and evening