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My Subjects

Biology, GCSE, £12 p/h
Chemistry, GCSE, £12 p/h
English, GCSE, £12 p/h
Geography, GCSE, £12 p/h
History, GCSE, £12 p/h
Maths, GCSE, £12 p/h
Physics, GCSE, £12 p/h
French, GCSE, £12 p/h
Spanish, GCSE, £12 p/h

Lancaster tutor, The A Grade Tutors

GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Chemistry tutor, GCSE English tutor, GCSE Geography tutor, GCSE History tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, GCSE Physics tutor, GCSE French tutor, GCSE Spanish tutor,

About Me

We are a group of Sixth form students from a local prestigious Grammar School providing general tuition in secondary education up to GCSE. In addition to this we offer casual tutoring services for all ages looking to improve or learn new aspects of a certain subject.
Having recently completed the GCSE examination process ourselves , obtaining the highest possible grades in our respective tutoring subjects, our tutors understand not only the subject matter to a very high standard but also know the best tips and techniques for performing well in the exams.

My Experience


We have obtained the highest possible grades in our respective tutoring subjects at GCSE and are currently studying the subjects at A level at a local prestigious Grammar School.

General Availability

Monday to Friday
16:00 to 20:00

Saturday to Sunday
09:00 to 20:00