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My Subjects

Chemistry, A-Level, £30 p/h
Maths, GCSE, £25 p/h
Biology, GCSE, £25 p/h
Physics, GCSE, £25 p/h

Lancs tutor, Chris

A-Level Chemistry tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Physics tutor,

About Me

An enthusiastic, unassuming individual, committed to educating people to the best of their collective abilities. Much has been gained from a wide range of teaching experiences, ranging from some limited KS2 supply, through much secondary science and some KS5 chemistry delivery, to finally become firmly involved and engaged in post-19 education. This has provided a sound opportunity to draw on previous industrial and commercial background (which will happily be discussed) and general life experiences to contextualise knowledge, offer students a return to education and ultimately prepare them for higher education. 

My Experience

Some 20 years od teaching, initially in secondary science  with some KS2 supply, but more recently (1999 - 2013) teaching on Access to HE programmes in health & medically related programmes. Substantial experience in industry and marketing allows me to put most things into some sort of understandable context


B. Ed (Chemistry)

HNC Chemistry with endorsement for LRIC

ONC Sciences & Maths 


General Availability

At present I aim to be available from 4 pm to 9 pm through the week, though daytime study and weekend work may be arranged by negotiation.   I would expect to travel to the student.