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My Subjects

Accounting, University, £5 p/h
Adobe Photoshop, GCSE, £1 p/h
Economics, University, £5 p/h
Business Studies, University, £5 p/h
History, University, £5 p/h
Law, University, £5 p/h
Maths, University, £5 p/h
Computing, University, £5 p/h
English, University, £5 p/h
Religious Studies, University, £5 p/h
Sociology, University, £5 p/h
General Studies, University, £5 p/h
General Science, University, £5 p/h
Microsoft Excel, University, £5 p/h
Information Technologoy, University, £5 p/h
Microsoft Office, University, £5 p/h
Microsoft Powerpoint, University, £5 p/h
Microsoft Word, University, £5 p/h
Web design, University, £5 p/h
Computer Literacy, University, £5 p/h

Limuru tutor, David

University Accounting tutor, GCSE Adobe Photoshop tutor, University Economics tutor, University Business Studies tutor, University History tutor, University Law tutor, University Maths tutor, University Computing tutor, University English tutor, University Religious Studies tutor, University Sociology tutor, University General Studies tutor, University General Science tutor, University Microsoft Excel tutor, University Information Technologoy tutor, University Microsoft Office tutor, University Microsoft Powerpoint tutor, University Microsoft Word tutor, University Web design tutor, University Computer Literacy tutor,

About Me

My name is David Rugu Ngigi from kenya, I have a strong desire for tutoring because it is a great way to share knowledge and to propagate the must fundamental elements of learning. 

My Experience

 I am an actuarial science student with over 7 years of tutoring experience my skills are in mathematics, economics, finance, chemistry, business, statistics, and law.


Bachelor of Actuarial Science graduate

Certified Public Accountant

Programmer C++ and Java

Motion Graphics Expert

General Availability

I am available 24/7