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My Subjects

English, Age 12 + (secondary), £20 p/h
Efl, Age 12 + (secondary), £20 p/h
Efl, Adult learner, £20 p/h
Music, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
English, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Music, Age 12 + (secondary), £20 p/h
Special Needs, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Ielts, Up to age 11 (primary), £15 p/h
Ielts, Age 12 + (secondary), £20 p/h
Ielts, Adult learner, £20 p/h

London tutor, Natasha

Age 12 + (secondary) English tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Efl tutor, Adult learner Efl tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Music tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) English tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Music tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Special Needs tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Ielts tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Ielts tutor, Adult learner Ielts tutor,

About Me

I am an honours graduate with a wealth of tutoring experience. I have worked within the education sector, both privately  and as an Examinations invigilator, reader and scribe in schools. I hold an enhanced CRB check. I am excellent at multi-tasking. I am motivated by the rewards of hard work and have a determination to succeed in any task I undertake.I will soon be a qualified EFL teacher.


My Experience

Education sector employment.


Classroom Limited                         May ‘13 – Current.                          Exam invigilator/Reader/Scribe


Veracity Education                        May ’13 – Current.                          Exam invigilator/Reader/Scribe


Tutoring and Teaching Experience.


Work Experience as EFL teacher in Secondary School.


Key Stage 2 Tuition. Literacy andGrammar.


Key Stage 3Tuition. Music Theory, French and German


Private singing lessons


Lesson Observation at Cobham Hall (Girls Boarding School) February 2013.





Education and Further Education.


Bmus Music (Hons)       2:1                                         2008 -2011                        Goldsmiths, University of London.


Individual Programme of Study                              2006-2007                         Trinity College of Music.


Alevels (French, German, Music, Drama)            2006.                                    Hillview School for Girls.


General Availability

Monday-Saturday. Day and evening by appointment.