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My Subjects

11+, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
Basic IT Skills, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Drama, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
Drama, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Drama, GCSE, £25 p/h
Drama, A-Level, £30 p/h
Drama, University, £30 p/h
Drama, Adult learner, £30 p/h
English, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
English, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
English, GCSE, £25 p/h
English, A-Level, £30 p/h
English, University, £30 p/h
English, Adult learner, £30 p/h
General Science, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
General Science, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
History, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
History, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
History, GCSE, £25 p/h
History, A-Level, £30 p/h
Philosophy, GCSE, £25 p/h
Philosophy, A-Level, £30 p/h
Philosophy, University, £30 p/h
Religious Studies, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
Religious Studies, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Religious Studies, GCSE, £25 p/h

London tutor, Robert

Up to age 11 (primary) 11+ tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Basic IT Skills tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Drama tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Drama tutor, GCSE Drama tutor, A-Level Drama tutor, University Drama tutor, Adult learner Drama tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) English tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) English tutor, GCSE English tutor, A-Level English tutor, University English tutor, Adult learner English tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) General Science tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) General Science tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) History tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) History tutor, GCSE History tutor, A-Level History tutor, GCSE Philosophy tutor, A-Level Philosophy tutor, University Philosophy tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Religious Studies tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Religious Studies tutor, GCSE Religious Studies tutor,

About Me

I am a professionally trained actor. I have written for numerous publications, with stories and poems published regularly.  I am confident with public speaking, since I have been performing in diverse venues for nearly 10 years. I have an MA in Acting and an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies. I have professional training in elocution, pronunciation as well as accent and dialect work.

I am a keen footballer, and believe in the importance of keeping fit and eating healthily. I also love travel, gardening, fixing computers and watching and critiquing films and theatre.

My Experience

I believe that Tutoring is first about personal connection. Any learning can only be achieved given a certain level of trust, which must be established in order to create a solid platform from which further learning can then flourish. Younger students are most open to absorbing information and should have the chance to take academic information and guidance from a range of people. This enhances the educational experiences and broadens the horizons of a student.

Having myself struggled with poor teachers, or unwieldy subject matter, I know that, with the right teachers, such areas can come alive. More clinical approaches to tutoring further separate students from the learning process. Having experienced one-to-one tuition myself, I have seen the many positives and potential pitfalls the system can bring. These experiences  galvanize me and help me in my own tutoring. I relish taking what I have learnt, and the exciting methods by which I have learnt it, and passing that on to other students.

I have worked in schools as an LSA and have been working as a private Tutor since 2007, and am a member of a number of private tutoring companies. I have tutored in English Language, English Literature, Speech, Drama, Acting, Philosophy, Entrance Exams, and most primary subjects. I have tutored Students from all ages and abilities; including adults and teenagers, as well as younger pupils, and pupils with learning difficulties.

Regardless of the level taught, it is impossible to make real progress unless the student first has engagement and interest in the subject. I see my task as tutor as a process of invigorating the material for those studying.


MA (hons) Acting, Drama Centre London

MA (hons) Theatre & Performance Studies, University of Sheffield

BA (hons) Philosophy, University of Sheffield

4 A Levels including English: 2 As, 2 Bs; 10 GCSEs including English & Maths: 4 A*s, 4 As, 2 Bs, The Latymer School

General Availability

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