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My Subjects

Special Needs, Up to age 11 (primary), £23 p/h
English, GCSE, £25 p/h
Maths, Up to age 11 (primary), £23 p/h
Special Needs, Adult learner, £23 p/h
Maths, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Maths, GCSE, £25 p/h
Special Needs, Age 12 + (secondary), £24.0 p/h
English, Up to age 11 (primary), £23 p/h
11+, Up to age 11 (primary), £25 p/h
11+, Age 12 + (secondary), £25 p/h
Efl, Up to age 11 (primary), £23 p/h
Efl, GCSE, £25 p/h
English, Age 12 + (secondary), £24 p/h

Newcastle-under-Lyme tutor, Susan

Up to age 11 (primary) Special Needs tutor, GCSE English tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Maths tutor, Adult learner Special Needs tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Maths tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Special Needs tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) English tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) 11+ tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) 11+ tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Efl tutor, GCSE Efl tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) English tutor,

About Me

I am an extremely experienced, fully qualified teacher and currently work in school with classes as well as with individual pupils who need additional help in Maths and English.

I'm married with children and love spending time with the family but I also love teaching, enjoying seeing the look of pride on a child's face as they understand something knew.

I'm friendly, efficient and effective. Being patient and having a pretty good sense of humour, I hope I'm good at helping children to relax and improve their confidence and self belief.

My Experience

I've been very successful with dyslexic pupils and those struggling with reading, as well as pupils with discalculia. 

As well as children with special needs, pupils have made great progress - especially those whose children have successfully sat entrance exams to St Joseph's, Adams Grammar and Newcastle-under-Lyme (I have had pupils sitting exams for other schools including Malvern and Clifton). 

Having marked exam papers as well, for a number of years, i hope I am well placed to help pupils achieve better results in Maths and English.


B.Ed (Hons), various O levels, AS etc, Reading Recovery Teacher, Tefl Cert..

General Availability

Some days, with regular bookings, afternoons and evenings after school, Saturday and school holidays.