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My Subjects

Italian, Up to age 11 (primary), £16+ p/h
German, Adult learner, £16+ p/h
Spanish, Adult learner, £16+ p/h
French, Adult learner, £16+ p/h
French, A-Level, £16+ p/h
French, GCSE, £16+ p/h
French, Age 12 + (secondary), £16+ p/h
French, Up to age 11 (primary), £16+ p/h
Italian, Age 12 + (secondary), £16+ p/h
Italian, GCSE, £16+ p/h
Spanish, Up to age 11 (primary), £16+ p/h
Spanish, Age 12 + (secondary), £16+ p/h
Spanish, GCSE, £16+ p/h
German, Age 12 + (secondary), £16+ p/h
German, GCSE, £16+ p/h
Japanese, Age 12 + (secondary), £16+ p/h
Japanese, GCSE, £16+ p/h
Japanese, Adult learner, £16+ p/h

Wakefield tutor, Caroline

Up to age 11 (primary) Italian tutor, Adult learner German tutor, Adult learner Spanish tutor, Adult learner French tutor, A-Level French tutor, GCSE French tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) French tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) French tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Italian tutor, GCSE Italian tutor, Up to age 11 (primary) Spanish tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Spanish tutor, GCSE Spanish tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) German tutor, GCSE German tutor, Age 12 + (secondary) Japanese tutor, GCSE Japanese tutor, Adult learner Japanese tutor,

About Me

I have been a Modern Languages teacher for eight years in a Specialist Languages College near Wakefield and a private tutor for over two years.  I am now a private tutor full time as I decided to work from home so I could spend time with my daughter who is a French speaker herself!  I also work for an online school as a French and Spanish tutor.

I have always enjoyed learning languages which mainly stems from many fun holidays abroad.  I therefore decided to take my degree in French with Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese modules.  I was very lucky to spend a year abroad in the Dordogne as an English assiatant and then as a 'red coat' on a French campsite for the summer.

As well as languages, I enjoy spending time with my family, which mainly involves trips to soft play!  I also like art and listening to music.


I am an approachable, fun and dedicated tutor and want the very best for my students.

My Experience

I am a fully qualified and experienced Modern Languages Teacher with teaching expereince in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese in a high school.  I taught stduents from Key Stage three, GCSE and A-level.  I also taught primary level languages and Adult learners as additional duties.

As a private tutor, I have taught studnets in all languages all at various levels. Many GCSE students have decided to take A-level languages.


I have also recently qualified in TEFL and have experience of teaching English in a French School.

Other experience includes translation work in French for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in Westminster in 2002 for work with the European Union.


I graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in French with modules in Spanish, italian, German and Japanese in 2002. 

I took my PGCE for teaching in 2004 at the University of York.

I am currently learning Chinese to add to the langauges I can offer.

General Availability

I am available all day and most evenings.  Weekends are restricted to Sundays.  Lessons can be conducted in half hour or one hour slots or more depending on availability.