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My Subjects

French, GCSE, £30 p/h
English, GCSE, £30 p/h
General Science, A-Level, £30 p/h
Maths, A-Level, £30 p/h
Physics, A-Level, £30 p/h
Basic IT Skills, University, £30 p/h
Computer Literacy, University, £30 p/h
Computer Programming, University, £30 p/h
HTML, University, £30 p/h
SQL, University, £30 p/h
Web design, University, £30 p/h

rugby tutor, Phil

GCSE French tutor, GCSE English tutor, A-Level General Science tutor, A-Level Maths tutor, A-Level Physics tutor, University Basic IT Skills tutor, University Computer Literacy tutor, University Computer Programming tutor, University HTML tutor, University SQL tutor, University Web design tutor,

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